Stress, Trials, and Difficult situations doesn’t have a particular Age, Sex, or Race it chooses to affect. In fact no matter who you are, where you are, or even your income bracket we all have ONE thing in common…occasional issues!

Growing up being the oldest I would notice whenever my parents had problems whether it be within their relationship, financially, or with raising my siblings and I. The one issue that stood out the most, and seem to create the toughest times within our household was money. Being a child and observing this left a huge stamp in my mind and that was to “NEVER STRUGGLE”! I equated having money problems, relationship problems, and children problems to struggling, and I knew back then I wanted no parts of it. I said to myself, I needed to be successful or should I say good at whatever career I chose, and with that I never wanted children or a husband!

Fast forward to today, I am married with, not 1, not 2, but 3 kids! Lol How funny is that? Anyhow, although half my plan didn’t pan out the way I wanted, or expected, the other half did I became a successful engineer, and now in over the past 2 1/2 years a business owner. Throughout my career I wouldn’t consider my life a struggle, however, I have definitely had my share of experiencing the stress, trials, and difficult situations.

No one is an exception to experiencing issues (heck look at our President!) what separates us is how we chose to handle them. As a child I was also very observant of how my parents reacted to those situations, and I always wondered how my dad never seemed to be stressed, or upset and I mean never. So one day I asked, and he said, “What’s the point?”, “It’s not gonna change the situation”, and that PRAYER is what has kept him calm. At the time I was like huh!? Now that I’m older and have lived a little he was absolutely right. All the yelling, screaming, and crying doesn’t remove the issues (although it does feel good). Since that conversation I have committed to increase my prayer life and in doing that I became better and stronger at handling life and the issues it gives me. How are you handling “Life”?