Throughout my adult life maintaining organization and balance has always been very important. I truly believe in the saying, “Work hard, Play hard”, and why not. Being able to treat myself with a night out, a movie or a nice meal at one of my favorite restaurants therapeutic, especially after a stressful work week. However, now with my recent lifestyle with being a mother of three from pre-k to a junior in college, a wife, a business owner, AND self-care, balancing it all has become quite interesting and sometimes challenging.

Women of yesterday and today have and will always amaze me at what we can do in 24 hours. We somehow find the mental strength, time, and physical energy to care for everyone, and usually forget about one self. One thing we must remind ourselves is that we need to make sure we have what we need 1st, before we can do for others. I know, I know that might sound selfish, however its reality. Imagine a car running on empty, bald tires, and no oil, who is it going to be good for? Who will the car pick up, and take from place, to place? Exactly…no one. That’s what will ultimately happen to you if you continue to run yourself without having some routine of self-care incorporated into your lifestyle.

Here’s a few habits I implemented in my recent life. These are what I routinely (try) to do, sometimes successful, sometimes life gets in the way. Hey I never said I was perfect, but what I do know is if I have gone too long without my self-care, my BODY let’s me know.

Here you go:

DAILY – morning meditation & prayer
WEEKLY – gym at least 3-4 times
MONTHLY – 1-2 hot bubble baths (soft music, candles and the door CLOSED!)
YEARLY – vacation, vacation, vacation!
Note: My phone usage is limited during these activities also.

I also try to read books, listen to a podcast, watch videos on youtube as often as possible, or do anything that is self-improve worthy, or uplifting mentally. Now these are a few things I personally enjoy doing, yours might be totally different and that’s fine. As long as you address what it is you like and carve out the time to do it. You will be so happy you did, and so will your family.